what is the difference between customizing request and workbenchrequest?

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what is the difference between customizing request and workbenchrequest?..

Answer / lokesh246

Workbench Requests are those that involve changes to cross-client Customizing and Repository Objects. The objects are independent of the client.
Hence the requests are used for transferring and transporting changed Repository objects and changed system settings from cross-client tables.

Customizing Requests involve changes recorded to client-specific Customizing objects.
These client specific requests are used for copying and transporting changed system settings from client-specific tables. The Workbench request is used in Cross-Client Customizing,
this is when we change the settings, and this change applies for all clients. In customizing request the changes only apply to client.

If we transport a workbench request, the changes apply for all clients in the target system. If we transport customizing request, the changes only apply for the target client in import.
Workbench requests hold the changes made in repository changes while Customizing requests hold the changes made in customizing table entries.
Workbench request carries whatever development we are doing like creation of info objects and DSOs etc.

On the contrary Customizing request carries all the customizations we are doing in the system for example adding a new currency to the currency table, defining factory calendar etc.

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what is the difference between customizing request and workbenchrequest?..

Answer / anusha

customizing request are to transfer customized data.
workbench request are to transfer standard data.

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what is the difference between customizing request and workbenchrequest?..

Answer / chaitu

customized request is a if we change any existing role is a customizing request.
workbench request is a if we change any happens any authoisation data is a work bench request.

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