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What is working principle of washing machine?

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What is working principle of washing machine?..

Answer / venkat

wasshing Machine works on the principle of Centrifugation

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What is working principle of washing machine?..

Answer / abhigya tiwari

Washing machine works on the principle ofcentrifugal force

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What is working principle of washing machine?..

Answer / naveenkumar r

Low foam detergents lower the surface tension of water and
allow the clothes to become wet. The hydrophobic part of the
detergent attaches itself to the dirt and the hydrophylic
part of the detergent attaches itself to the water.

A motor causes the drum to rotate in half revolutions,
causing the clothes to be tossed from side to side.

A thermostat heats the water to a temperature suitable for
the fabric and the degree of soiling, i.e., 40°C for normal
washing and 90°C for heavy soiled cotton.

The soiled water is drained out of the machine through the
perforated drum and empties into the waste pipe. The drum is
filled again with cold water and the clothes are rinsed
(usually two or three rinses). The machine is emptied and
begins to revolve at high speed, exerting centrifugal force
on the contents (the clothes are forced against the
perforated drum and water is squeezed out of them).

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What is working principle of washing machine?..

Answer / nagaswetha

Washing machine is run by centrifugation principal

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What is working principle of washing machine?..

Answer / s.palanisamy

when switch on the machine,it feeds water suficient quantity and sensor stops water,sominimum water is required.then washing is started with pre set time as per program and then water is drained.

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What is working principle of washing machine?..

Answer / pillay

its a simple machine that operates when the programed or
timed conditions are met starting with
when the mac is switched on it feeds it self with water until
the sensors say there is enough water. the water infeed is
stopped and wash program is started for the timed
duration.than the water is drained for a duration and the
system continues as it is programed or designed.

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What is working principle of washing machine?..

Answer / kk

it is a machine that works with the help of human being the
disadvantage of using this machine is that it needs too much
of water . it needs water soap etc........ it saves our time

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What is working principle of washing machine?..

Answer / kvv.surendra

it works on the principle of motor. . .

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What is working principle of washing machine?..

Answer / cmkashifabrar

Suppose I want to improve performance of my washing machine.
Ways I might do this fall into three categories:

1. Supply missing inputs. It needs water, soap, and
electricity. If any one of them is missing, I can greatly
improve performance by adding it — by plugging the machine
in, for example. These changes are easy because water, soap,
and electricity are easy to get.

2. Replace broken parts. This will also greatly improve
performance. These changes are very difficult unless I am a
washing machine repairman.

3. Everything else. To improve performance any other way
will be difficult and any improvements will be small. These
other methods of improvement — such as putting special disks
into the wash — are also likely to be dangerous.

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