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Punj Lloyd Ltd Interview Questions
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what do u mean by co-relation?

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how tubelight circuit is connected and how it works?

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Punj lloyd is coming in our Jadavpur Universtiy campus for campus placement. Please send me some hints about the writtend exam. My email id is


what are the advantages and disadvantages of using bentonite slurry in bored cast in situ piles, both in terms of design and execution point of view.

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What is the effect of solar radiation on the design of an Isolated Phase Busduct?


what"s the abbreviation for P.C.C? what"s the formula to calculate 1m3 P.C.C consumption?

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you are working as a QC in hihg rise building. when what"s ur responsibilities works?

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what is the cement mortor thickness for 23 cm brick work and 11.5 brickwork?

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what"s the merits and demerits of hollow blocks comapre than to bricks?

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What is a Spool in terms of piping Industry?

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what type of cables are used for f&G systems and detectors, what is the standard colour?

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I am working in 600MW power plant currently in erection phase. I came along this term and want to know its meaning in simple language, consider me naive!?? All motors shall be of energy efficient type EFF-2 as per IS:12615/ equivalent IEC / International Standard.

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How to find out slope footing concrete


why does bitumen heated from top side bt not from bottom side€


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