Data dictionary or repository means..?

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Data dictionary or repository means..?..

Answer / naveen s

Data Dictionary is a ABAP dictionary it is a Tabular array
of data in the ABAP Dictionary.

A table consists of columns (data values of the same type)
and rows (data records).

Each record can be identified uniquely by one or several

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Data dictionary or repository means..?..

Answer / srini

It stores system wide data definitions and is a Central
catalog that contains the descriptions of an organization's
data and provides information about the relationships
between the data and its use in programs and screens.

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Data dictionary or repository means..?..

Answer / g

data dictionary means it will store the all the
organisation data.

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Data dictionary or repository means..?..

Answer / hari

Data dictionary means where the abappers can get the
predefined data related with the client requirementa,pls
correctme if i am wrong

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Data dictionary or repository means..?..

Answer / mohd khaja shamsuddin

A data dictionary is a central source of information for application data.
access through tcode se11 , se16 ,and se16N

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Data dictionary or repository means..?..

Answer / guest

data dictionary means it will main the database of the

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