Tell the significance/ Importance of Number assignment in
your Sales Document types? Do you use more of internal
number or external number assignment for your client? What
is the use of Item increment & sub item increment? Give
detailed explanation regarding number assignment of Sales
order types? Please reply asap... Urgent!!!! Waiting for
your response eagerly... Thanks in advance

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Tell the significance/ Importance of Number assignment in your Sales Document types? Do you use mo..

Answer / pitabash

The significance of Number range assignment :-

It help to manipulate the order. most of the cases in sales
order the number ranges are internal.

The use of Item increment defines that when you enter the
material in sales order in what sequence the item number
shows . like in diff of 10 ya 100 . ( if you post 10 then
the item number in sales order shows 10, 20, 30, 40 50 etc
and if you set as 100 then it shows 100, 200, 300, 400 etc)
In sub item cases same also if your main item is 10 and you
need your sub item no will be 11, 12 13, then you have to
put 1 , and if ur main item no 100 , then you can put it as
1 or 10 0r 20 as u want to keep the numer diff)

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Tell the significance/ Importance of Number assignment in your Sales Document types? Do you use mo..

Answer / subha

number assigment are nothing but the process by which the
system specifes as to how the documents must be recognised
and numberd during sales doc processign . They are
controlled by the account assigmentgrop of customer in sap
sd and account assignemtn grp of materila in mm

IT IS Mostly client specfic .ie. if th client is a old
customer than weuse more of internal no assignemtn and if
the client is New that we use extrnal or mannual assigment

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