Have you worked on any user exits/ Enhancements/ System
modifications/ Requirements/ Routines etc? I have been
asked this question more frequently almost in all
interviews? How to answer this question more confidently in
an interview? Please provide a theorotical definition to
all the above terms along with 4-5 examples with reference
to your client with special emphasis on user
exits,enhancements, routines,requirements etc.Do provide me
with any website/ link which can throw some light on user
exits/ enhancements etc. Plz provide as many examples as
possible with reference to your clients as well as real
time data.
Plz provide answer to this question asap.... Waiting for
your reply eagerly.... Thanks in advance.. Regards

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Answer / rajiv trivedi

We have a requirement to block some line items ( hold for
review ) in a sales order while allowing other line items
to be delivered. In the standard SAP system, a schedule
line block is possible, but it does not remove the
confirmation for the line item. Also, we would like only
some authorized people to be able to remove the block.

For a this kind of scenario what we do it create a separate
Rejection Reason as "Hold for Review" and assign that to
relevant sales order line items.

Then in your rejection report; change your report logic to
eliminate such sales order line items with "Hold for
Review" rejection reason. So that no confusions will come.

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Answer / rajiv trivedi

Enhancement : Have 1 customer that requires a longer
picking time, prefer not to create a new shipping point for
a one off case.

Would perfer to write an enhancement so the material
availability date is 5 days before goods issue date (5 days
pick time) instead of our normal 1 day. A new ship point
would work great with 5 days pick time but big change for

SAP System considers the picking time maintained on the
shipping point(OVXD) while giving the Material availability
date. Picking date is same as material availability date by
defualt. Then it will take picking time as 1day( If you
have maintained picking time as 1 day on shipping point)
and gives the loading date. you ask your abaper to hard
code the material availability date (overwrite the praposed
date by 4 days for particular customer)
in "userexit_move_fields_vbep".Kindly please let me know If
you need any more help.

Rajiv Trivedi
SAP SD Consulotant-Canada

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Answer / rajiv trivedi

Requirement/Routine: Client wants to have discount
structure First total sales value for one customer reaches
$50,0000 (Cummulative in Fiscal year) Discount=20%

Between $50,001 to 1,00,000 additional discount of 10%

Between $10,0001 to 2,00,000 additional discount of 20%

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Answer / anonymous

Rajiv I am greatfull . Thank you bro .

Be happy.

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Answer / rajiv trivedi


If you have any questions, problems & need solution please
feel free to write at


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Answer / nani

To try out Enhancements the simplest one can be trying
enhancement at Number ranges level where in for all Indian
CIN based business scenarios we require number ranges
maintained Depot wise(Plant Sorting).

For this we can create a Z table same as SNUM and add
number ranges sorting by Plant wise and derive values to
system by calling a function module to pick the values

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