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What is difference between flame retardant & flame
resistance cable? Among which type of cable is used for
ESD & Fire and Gas system application?

What is difference between flame retardant & flame resistance cable? Among which type of cabl..

Answer / prakash

T here is a vast difference between cables that are rated
flame retardant and those that have earned the rating
fire rated or fire resistive. Flame retardant cables resist
the spread of fire into a new area, while fire rated cables
maintain circuit integrity and continue to work for a
specified time under defined conditions. Fire rated cables
continue to operate in the presence of a fire and are
commonly referred to as circuit integrity cables. The
differences between the two ratings are significant for the
critical circuits required for life safety or a safe and
immediate plant
shut down. Additionally, fire rated cables can be used to
replace expensive fire rated structures, blankets or wraps
and the
difficult to install MI cable. Flame retardant cables are
not rated to continue to operate in a fire, and in all
probability will not
maintain circuit integrity during a fire.

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