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what is INSTRUMENTATION ? specify..

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what is INSTRUMENTATION ? specify....

Answer / senthil

instrumentation is a branch of engineering which is used to
control and measure the process variables like

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what is INSTRUMENTATION ? specify....

Answer / yugesh_shah

instrumentation is the technology in which we can control n
measure the chemical n physical properties of material is
called instrumentation ...

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what is INSTRUMENTATION ? specify....

Answer / karthika

Instrumentation can be defined as, A set of instruments that are used for 3Ms

3Ms are:-
M- Monitor
M- Measure
M- Maintain(Control).


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what is INSTRUMENTATION ? specify....

Answer / abdul manan

Instrumentation is the branch of science/engineering in
which measuring,monitoring,computing and controling the
process variables,like

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what is INSTRUMENTATION ? specify....

Answer / kkrameshkumar

Instrumentation deals with Measurement,Control and Recording of Physical as well as chemical variables (generally called process variable)

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what is INSTRUMENTATION ? specify....

Answer / ashok jaware.dfpcl

Instrumentation is a branch of science,which
measure,monitor and control of all physical and chemical
parameters in system

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what is INSTRUMENTATION ? specify....

Answer / anil kumaranalloor

Instrumentation is the measurement of various levels of
energy changes* and their maintenance.
(* Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level etc.)

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