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HPCL Interview Questions
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Queries for Big4 Articleship : Whether son of CA in practice effects chances.


This job is very fast paced and requires dealing with many constituents, lobbyists, and information contacts. How many calls and contacts do you think the office handles on an average day? How many contacts could you handle in a single day?

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How do you measure g's?

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Troubleshoot to the device level basic process control systems given the Process and Instrumentation Diagram?

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Why should a software tester have knowledge of PHP language?

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What is are the main terms in Unit Operations? and what is its charecteristics?

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What are the affinity laws associated with dynamics pumps?

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Is there a simple method to measure the horsepower of a small motor (1-3 hp) for a non-technical person?

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How is petroleum manufactured?

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Placement paper for HPCL Engineering trainee

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hello,could any one send previous quetions asked in HPCL written exam

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Q1: What is RAS ? is RAS and VPN the same ? Q2: How do i determine that my computer is connected to the right network and is getting a valid ip ?

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can i get hpcl placement papers urgent

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sir,would you please send me the Hindustan petroleum corporation limited papers(HPCL).my e-mail ID is


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Reusable transformation and shortcut differences


How to calculate earth fault current for 6.6 KV , 50 HZ , 756 Amps , 3000 RPM , 0.8 PF generator


Can I route 110 VDC and 24 VDC in a same Duct for our Interposing relay cabinet? IF yes or NO Please provide me IEEE Std. for the same. Please i required it on Urgent basis, i need to design IRP Cabinets and we have MCC 110VDC and Our Coil side is 24VDC, Please help as soon as possible.


please explain the uses of internate protocol address(ip add)?


what are the breakdown voltage rating of mini- curcuit'transfarmer!


use ofr concrete as per grade ?


Clear property is available in ____,___ control.


How did you resolve conflicts present in Object Repository?


A signal with 300 milliwatts power passes through 10 devices, each with an average noise of 3 microwatts. What is the SNR? What is the SNRdb?


What is base design drawings?


can anybody send me the technical papers of hewitt associates pls...I cleared aps n GD n has only less time for technical round?


What are video parameters?


hi all i am searching for cognos jobs pls inform about the jobs


My client is a Partnership Firm and was converted in to the Pvt. Company. Now, the Question is that the both the entity i.e. Partnership Firm and Company entitled to get the Depreciation of Proportionarate basis, they used the Assets? I reffered to the Income TAx Act, there is no any specification regarding the convertion only the amalagamation and merger.


Hello Guys, If any body looking for "worksoft certify tool training in bangalore", please contact me


HPCL Interview Questions
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