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Invensys Interview Questions
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please send the hpcl (instrumentation) model placement papers to my mail....

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What is the difference between the Encapsulation and Abstraction

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What is Multithreading

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Types of DLL's

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What is the difference between the SDI and MDI

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How can i communicate with two systems one is located some place another is located 100km how from the current systems which protocala i have to use

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How can server communicate with more than one client

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What is difference between the TCP/IP and UDP socket

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I can i set size of integer variable should be fixed for different operating systems(Ex i want integer size is 2bytes in OS)

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lovers love it , friends need it relationship starts with it, life ends with it it is?

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what is different between Diode and Zener diode?

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if in a level tx height is given, how u calculate the ranges of the tx?

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how u measure dp in dp tx? how u calibrate a dp tx?

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diff between dead wt calibrator n pressue comparator?

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why we use only 4 to 20ma other than 0 to 16 ma

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Dear sir i need lic model question paper for the last two years, Kindly forward solved question papers to my mail id,


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