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how micro-processor and micro controller different from

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how micro-processor and micro controller different from architecture..

Answer / abdus sattar mollah

Microprocessor's have Von Nueman architecture i.e an
computer architecture where the program memory and data
memory are in the same memory hardware chip.So,both source
code(instructions) and the data are transmitted using same
bus.Also,in microprocessor the main CPU unit is in the
microprocessor chip ,other accesories chip required are
interfaced with the microprocessor chip ,externally.

Microcontroller's have Harvard architecture i.e both
program memory and data memory are in separate dedicated
mem0ry chip .Thus,different distinct buses transmitts
program codes and data.This result in increased speed but
also increased complexity in hardware.Also,all other
accesories chip like memory chip,I/o chip,Serial transfer
chip(USART) are within the microcontroller single chip.

This is the basic difference in architecture, due to which
several other diffrenece like access,working varies.

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how micro-processor and micro controller different from architecture..

Answer / abdus sattar mollah

Motorola 68hc11 has 4kb of EEPROM for programming codes
and has 256 bytes of RAM for data storage...out of which 196 bytes are reserved and directly mapped with external I/O pins(four 8 bits I/O ports)

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how micro-processor and micro controller different from architecture..

Answer / naveed t p

I think there are microcontrollers following Von neuman
architecture like motorolla 68HC11. Though most
microcontrollers are of harvard architecture.
I think the main difference is Microprocessor is a general
purpose device which can do processing, but doesnt have I/O
or memory. Whereas microcontroller is embedded system which
is dedicated with build in I/O & memory.

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