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Human Resources Interview Questions
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How can we realate the Human Resource Mangment(HRM) and Public Relations (PR)? Can we do any Project work on the above subject for MBA(HR) if yes what will be the subject ?

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what u learn in hr diploma?

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I am a mba fresher and i got a job in wipro for the post of talent acquisition. And the salary is only Rs.6000 Do you think its chance for me to grow..


why are you doing job?


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what is the best method of recuitment exercise of military oganisation.

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what is the amendment of maximum ceeling of gratuity

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I want to go back to work after couple of years break. I took break to take care of my kid. I attended an interview, recruiter asked me, according to him my kid's study is more important right now how i will manage. I answered when i will go back home after work I can take care of his study. can anybody please suggest better response?

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What is E-Recruitment? What is I-Recrutiment? What is the Difference Between E & I Recruitment

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suppose you are the new GM of the company and at that time company get loss .So, BOD tell you to get company back in profit just in three days otherwise you leave the job.then what would you do?

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i am doing final year mba. i planned to do my project in talent acquistion management.. can any one give me the standardised scale & questionnaire for the project. thank you


What is recruitment?

Cognizant, TCS,

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what are the duties of a person handling hr and admin

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what is that a company look in a candidate specially for the MBA -HR specialization??

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what is the difference between job description and job speciication

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In present state of recession in the IT industry as a HR Manager how are you going to undertake HR Planning at micro level to tide over this crisis?


If a person is having 1 year experiencein Search & recruitment Firm,Is he/she is eligible for any good corporate?


As a manager, did you ever fire anyone? If so, what were the reasons and how did you handle it


what is the mandatory t code for frontend recruitment process?


Give some Examples of Motivation? & explain ?


which steps would you take in improving our supervisors' ability to hire the best possible candidates?


Wants to learn about HR Domain any Materials or webinar available ?


I have done LL.B then M.B.A(HR).I don't have practical experience in law.I am being questioned many times in interview why I studied LL.B and then MBA.I could not answer this question properly.Can any one suggest how to answer this question? thanks& regards


Why did you changed your career from Hotel Management to MBA in HR ?


How long would it take you to make a meaningful contribution to this organization


1. What are your significant functional achievements in the present company? How did they contribute to the total process


A well thought out orientation is essential for all new employees, whether they have experience or not


What is the compensation strategy?


As jobs become more team-oriented, assessment centers will be used more often for mon-management jobs.Do you agree or disagree?


how calculate esi & pf