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what is the difference between job description and job speciication

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what is the difference between job description and job speciication..

Answer / nisha tiwari

Job description means detais of task,duties,objective and
responsibilites expected from the employee.

Job specification means specification of the
skills,knowledge and qualities required to perform the job.

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what is the difference between job description and job speciication..

Answer / sonam ratta

the first and the immediate result of job analysis is job description .and job specification is a statemen of the minimum acceptable human qualities necessary to perform a job satisfactorily.

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what is the difference between job description and job speciication..

Answer / rufflesia


Job Description talks about the duties and responsibilities of
a job where as job specification talks about the specific
skills of a person like Age, Gender, Qualification, Experience
and so on......

Thanks n regards
Sandeep Kumar

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