Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is buscoupler adopter panel????

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What is Exact meaning for Full load Efficiency and Maximum Efficiency of Transformer? Is there any Difference between? If yes ,please provide with formulae?

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What is the function of an exciter in a generator?

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What is an exciter and how does it work?

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What is the difference between MCB & MCCB, Where it can be used,

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What is encoder, how it function

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what r the checklist while installing a 380 kva DG set



what r the checklist while installing 500 kva transformer



I want formula to calculate cable size as per load given in kw & amp.I searched many sites but didn't right answer.Plz reply me asap.

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what happens when a power transformer neutral earthing broken???


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what is power factor? whether it should be high or low? why?

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what are the various types of earthing? plz give brief detail of all. also post pictures if u have.

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what do u mean by bus bar?

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what is the relation b/w KW and KWH? plz explain with example.


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what is the principle of operation of synchronous motor and generator? explain in detail.

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what is the minimum requirement gigaohms for the insulation test using 5kv in 300mm xlpe cable


1)how to reduce the value of tan delta of trasformer and CB,bushing,CT&PT,CVT ? 2)how to reduce the resistance of CB contact and its operating time? 3)plz.....send me the project report on conditioning and monitoring of substation equipment on my email id (gusaiyogendra03@gmail.com)


What is formula calculation size cable wire ?


What is the technical difference between On delay timer and a Star delta timer?


at work we have a 3 phase motor but on testing one phase isnt getting a reading. it runs 24 hours a day all week. stops and starts well no noise or heating. the phase isnt down to earth.is it just a bad meter reading or not? phases one and three came up with a resistance reading of 0.4 but phase 2 couldnt get anything shows up as open circuit.


How we can change the direction of rotation of Induction motor? Prove it using graphical


how we calculate the withstansing current capacity of wires&cables?


why do motors burn out? I understand why adding parallel loads to a power source means more current moves through the circuit, and can destroy circuit elements by overheating. What about when you have a vaccuum cleaner intake flush against a floor, a room fan sitting directly against a wall, or a power drill trying to drill through something too hard?


what is KA rating and how can we choose switchgears on applications


How to Decide(calculate) Bush bar size for copper and aluminiam ?


how to failure indution motor insulation & how to improve heat in motor insulation


There are different classes of protections in power plants.class a,b,c are clear..is there any class d and e r there..and elaborate class b protection.


How LT megger works ?


What is the two pole structure?


What is genrally the % Impedance of a Dg set? How can we calculate Earthing conductor size for a DG set?