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Techno Labs Interview Questions
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Can we inherit a private class in chsarp? how? explain(with code) ?

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explain connection less and with connection?diference between data reader,data set,data adapter? can we use data reader,data set in a single application? if yes explain with simple code,if no explain?

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What does the term immutable mean?

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What is lifting power for 1 wb/m2 and 1 A magnet?


what is the difference between cable routing and scheduling?

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What is Exact meaning for Full load Efficiency and Maximum Efficiency of Transformer? Is there any Difference between? If yes ,please provide with formulae?

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From the following data calculate (i) P/V Ratio (ii) Profit when sales are Rs.20,000 and (iii) the new Break-Even Point, if the selling price is reduced by 20% Fixed expenses Rs. 4,000 Break-Even-Pont Rs. 10,000

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I have a table emp , Fields with empname,dnname,dno,salary. now I want copy distinct salary with all emp detail from emp into new table which is not already exist in database. how would I do this ?

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Un-Answered Questions

How to create a extended warranty from sales order booking?


What is the SPRO Path for requirement class and req. type?


Do inductive loads have distorted current waveforms ?


When you are obtaining next within a set and get a end of set return code, on what record are you now current?


What is the use of java2idl [options] {filename}?


VSS performance is extremely slow?


How to Import data from a file (file is on the desktop) to the data table


Workflow is long running due to long running sql query so when we refer the query plan it tells the issue is due to partition of the db table. How to handle this?


Hi, Can we open a test in qtp10 which is saved in qtp 9.2?


how to display the date formats for example i hava a year like 2010 to 2011 bu i want to display in report like 2010-11 can u please explain this


How do you pass variables forwrd to future CECI sessions


How is ?:? useful as an authorization value?


Why a1% value is used for some product ? What is the criteria for selection a1% value ?


Write a C language program to perform CCITT group 3 compression. If possible, scan some images and use your program to compress the images. What kind of compression did you achieve?


What is the Spring2.5 MVC Navigation flow?


Techno Labs Interview Questions
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