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Tata Motors Interview Questions
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What is the max demand on your transformer and your company?

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What is the make of breakers, transformers, generators? What are their capacities and ratings?

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why you want to join our companey

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What is Trial Balance?

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What is the routing metric used by RIP? A.) Route poisoning B.) Split horizon C.) Hop Count D.) TTL

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What is the process followed?

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If HR person asked tell me about yourself then what is the sequence points to tell him the answer

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what is profit & loss A/c? difference between income & expenditure A/c

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what is the use of offset follower in cam? why and where we have to use this type of follower?

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I want formula to calculate cable size as per load given in kw & amp.I searched many sites but didn't right answer.Plz reply me asap.

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what is kVA

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If you are working in a super market, what techniques/ tools you will use in data collection. How are you going to analysis the data and make inferences? How will you finally apply your market research to improve sales and win over customers?


i want previous psi main exam question paper with answer in Maharashtra state.please send me on my mail id .thaks

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Diploma Mechanical Engineer i had attened more over 100 interviews they are all asking the same question "TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF"

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Tata Motors Interview Questions
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