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Era Infra Engineering Interview Questions
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what are the various types of earthing? plz give brief detail of all. also post pictures if u have.

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if u love someone u can arrange these 10 letters in 5 words I H O M U R E Y N A

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What is the design mix? What is the proportion for M25, M35, M40 concrete mix.

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What is PQC. Means PQC

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what is the approximate density in kg/m3 of compacted hardcore for building foundations

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Technical Question of Civil Engineering


what is irrigation

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what is the MSL?where is it located?

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How Many Cement Bags Are Used in 1 Sqm Area for Plaster????

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how many nails required in one sqm shuttering.

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column at edge of a framed structure is uniaxial or biaxial. and is an interior column is biaxial


What is the specification of m40 grade concrete

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Compressive strength of concrete

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Era Infra Engineering Interview Questions
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