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FAG Interview Questions
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what is the relation b/w KW and KWH? plz explain with example.

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What is welding defect?

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write the formula for finding dimension of bearing from bearing number

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why power contactor using in DG set's neutral which is using as a stand by load during government electricity shutdown?


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First input columns brand, mt, re values are ov, 1,re vg, 2,re wu ,3,re. Second input columns are brand, mt, cx their records are ov,4,vg ,5,cx Wu, 6,cx and third input columns brand, mt, rt values are ov,7,rt vg, 8,rt wu, 9,rt but my output is brand, re, cx,rt values are ov, 1,4,7 vg, 2,5,8 wu, 3,6,9


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FAG Interview Questions
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