Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Transmission line design. Say, I have a 1MVA generator and 2 transformers that will have the same load. What would be the proper rating of the trasformers? Is it safe to say, that I will simply divide the total rating of the generator?

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what composit error,ratio error,phase error in CT and PT??

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Why Aluminium wires are used for High tension(HT) lines? 11 KVA/32KVA & aboue

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srij i need the relationship b/w KW AND KWH and with an electrical example. plz send if u can?

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What is the percentage loss for aluminium wire for HT line more than 11KVa


When charging a 20 MVA , 33kV/6.6kV transformer through regulated (0-6.6 kV or 0-33 kV) source on no load , what will be the maximum current drawn by transformer from source and what sould be the source capacity.


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I am working on a 11KV system with fault current of 40KA for 1 second. I have selected 2500MVA 11/0.433KV transformer. How can i find the impedance value for this transformer? Please help me.


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what is short circuit force ? How to calculate it for Panel?


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what is the difference between high impedance REF & REF, same high impedance differential protection & differential protection for Power transformer?

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to improve the existing power factor whether capacitors have to be added in series or parallel.and why

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how to calculate the capacitor rating for improving power factor

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why earthing is not required on transformer prymary winding side ???


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want to know about DMRC

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why the amount of voltage generated at power generating stations is 11 KV only....?

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In a company has been installed an analog amperemeter, this company was suplied by generator X, there is no problem in the ampere meter, rigth now this company's supplied by generator Y then the pointer in amperemeter vibrating. What happened? Why? Thank's

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which pump used in WTP explain the function of VFD how to dtermine capacitorbank of capacity one plant


do any one help me to get "C" license,, i have doubts ,,, if mediators ter pls call me,, my no is 8056640042


how braking & making capacity of circuit breaker is calculated?


why different series of vfds (like allenbradley)are used in industry ?


for 100 HP Induction motor service factor is 1.2(SF) we placed a VFD at the motor side load is balance with 0.3 Amp's Phase to Phase but at incoming of VFD load is un-balance with 10 to 20 Amp's what will be cause of load un balance


how can found motors folt current ? how can disided circuit breakers caoicity and breaking capicity ?


Practical condition in 400KV Sub station:- Breaker(open) , isolator(open), Earthing (close) at both end e.g A & B. Now Open A Stn Earthing than Open B stn Earthing (Which have a 50MVA reactor) , AND suddenly show R,Y,B phase 704KV,573KV,118KV respectively. Que is without closing of breaker how it is possible.???? My Whats app No:07621840498 for Further Discussion. Pls experts suggest.


define digital electronic


what is the formula of starting current of 3phase and 1 phase motor???


why swinburnes test cannot be performed on series machines?explain


1.why are not using acb 33kv ht side? is there any problem 2.what is difference between acb,vcb,sf6 breackers? 3.what is the function of invertor and convertor in ups?


what is allowed value of zero sequence impedancce of 6.6 kv nuetral earthing transformer ?what is the actual value


Why do we pefer VCB over OCB?What are the advantages of VCB over OCB?


What is inverse definite minimum time lag relay? Where is it use?


can you any one give exact mathematical relation between AC current and DC current?