Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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what are peak purity,peak purity index,peak thresold

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1)why use benzophenon,uracil in hplc calibration. 2)why use sucrose in polarimeter calibration. 3)what is S/N ratio, noise and drift in hplc 4)how we can find lod and loq in method validation

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What is (Q) point dissolution?

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Why we are using K2Cr2O7 for control of absorbance in UV?

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1 why polyesterene film used for ftir calibration ? 2 why k2cr2o7 is used for control of abs in uv ? 3 why holmium oxide used for control of wavelength in uv

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what is the principal of malvern particle sizer & its used in pharma industry

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what is the difference between system precision and method precision?

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In lcms analysis some times we get sodium and potassium adducts. if the compound is havine sodium ions how can we confirm wether sodium is from sample or it is a adduct?

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what is difference between moisture contents and water contents ?

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In GC, What does 'Column condensation test' mean by?

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same sample on two preapration gives differnt result during hplc analysis

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what is titrent,& titrate

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Why we are using a Kf Factor range 4 to 6

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What is difference between Chromatographic purity and Related substances analysis?

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Why we are using the methanol in Kf titration?

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why we use Dichlorobenzene.nitrobezine.t-butyldi sulhate.for calibration of gc Head space


Tell me about analytical method validation in QC



what is impurity profile. how to interpret this impurity profile to a drug product or drug substance.


what are the standard methods for HPLC?


how you determine moist.of NaOH sol or NaOH flacks


what is the difference between qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis and explain them?


What are usp limits for total impurities,unknown impurity


How to determine the EDTA content by potentiometry titration in Ceftriaxine sodium


What is the difference between Discriminating media and DPDM(Dissolution Profile with Different Media)


Which products will produce when acetic anhydride reacts with Ter-butanol, Sec-butanol, Iso butanol, Dimethylamine etc.


what is DIPE limit in residual solvent?


In dissolution of tablets/capsules elaborate the Dissolution limit 20.0% to 60% Q in 30 minutes.


How can we calculate "confidence interval" in analytical method validation? Pl. explain with example.


I have compare C2H2-air and C2H2-N2O flame AAS on determination calcium. Both use same range of std to plot calibration curve. (2-6ppm) When i measure the sample with phosphate, KCl and LaCl, C2H2-N2O flame give false positive result, around 0.5ppm. When i measure the sample with phosphste, KCl and EDTA. C2H2-N2O flame also give 0.5ppm false positive. But both above mentioned sample would not give false positive when measured by C2H2-air flame. What is the reason?