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Hetero Interview Questions
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When starch reacts with iodine, why does it create the characteristic blue-black colour?

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Give lewis dot structure for HBrO4?


How to calibrate glassware against std calibrated glassware?

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Why sodium lamp is used as source of Polarimeter?

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What are the protections for safe running of electric generator?


which pharmacopeoia mentions that caffiene is used as a standard for HPLC calibration? which other standardscan be used for the same?

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What is the difference between Capillary column and Packed column.

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wt is difference between assay and purity in hplc?

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why we use x terra columns at higher ph ?

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y did u choose MBA, why HR?

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How do we get end points and how many end points are possible for citric acid and di-acid not theorotically answer should be given practically.


all interview questions with answers of ntpc (2000-2009


In order to avoid the pyridine catalyst use in many synthesis which is harmfull to environment, which catalyst can be used....?


Why Ethanol is Used for Standardization of GC Head space?


As per OOT for any product what is calculation and how to invetigate the OOT

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Un-Answered Questions

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what is the meaning of W.T.S this is written on structural Drawing


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What is the maximum breakdown voltage of 11KVA and 66 KVA power line and how it is calculated?


Is Service Tax chargable by Real Estate devlopers to be charged on the entire cost of the property or only on the service conent of the cost and not on the cost of land and cost of construction material? Can the developers demand Service Tax on installments paid by the buyers before the real sale takes place?


how to calculate cost of raw materials of a building for 1000 sqft & also consolidated cost of labour in a 1000 sqft building


AE datasets names? how many types?


In humans, brown eyes (B) are dominant over blue (b). A brown-eyed man marries a blue-eyed woman and they have 8 children, all brown -eyed. What are the genotypes of the parents and offspring?


Difference ISDN and Brodband?


can anybody send me interview question&answer to me in accounts and finance and income


What are the different Types of Polling in RLC A.M Mode


Can you give me some DBCC command options?(Database consistency check) - DBCC CHECKDB - Ensures that tables in the db and the indexes are correctly linked.and DBCC CHECKALLOC - To check that all pages in a db are correctly allocated. DBCC SQLPERF - It gives report on current usage of transaction log in percentage. DBCC CHECKFILEGROUP - Checks all tables file group for any damage.


Hetero Interview Questions
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