Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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What is difference between Potency & purity

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how to hplc calibrated

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state the principle of gas chromatography?

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Why noise test is performed at 254 nm in calibration of HPLC system?

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some compound havving uv region but not give much more response during hplc analysis

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I have got selected for Aurobindo Pharma AR&D, HR person is asking me to sign in agreement. can I join?


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Why sulfuric acid is used in sulphated ash / residue on ignition test.

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what are the basic requirement for the WHO audit?


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What is the thickness of polystyrene film?

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During Validation study, Recovery is passing at all levels but Linearity is failing. Justify?

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What is Stray light ? & what is the IMP of this

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how can I make the copper get white bye any salt or acit?


If we do accuracy at same concentration at which linearity planned,what is the need to do linearity separately?


why we use only sucrose in the calibration of polarimeter?


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What is the Deference between Bulk density & Tap density ?

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As per ICH related substances stability trend limit from initial to shelf life


How will u perform degradation study in detectors other thann PDA in HPLC Methodology


Home heating oil or furnace oil what is made from? Can (base oil plus diesel/kerosen) = home heating oil?


In Karl Fischer titration,What is the situation if the material tested is only soluble in water,and not soluble in the common solvents used such as methanol ?? [e.g. Iron III Hydroxide polymaltose]


Why irmoisture balance is used for corrugated box moisture testing


What is viod volume and peak purity in HPLC?


What is the principle of Thermal conductivity detector and FID?




My question about gas chromatography sulfur chemiluminsecence detector. I test unknown sample gas by GC-SCD (calibrated ) and the result of *H2S is 279 PPM , *but when I test the same sample with the GC-TCD (calibrated ) the value of *H2S is 2500 PPM . I'd like to inform you that both GCs are calibrated and have very good operation conditions with stable parameters . the question is if the sample gas with higher H2S over detection limits of SCD detector (1000 ppm). why the result it 279 ppm Best regards


why we use sodium salicylate in uv light calibration at TLC chamber


how to select short coloum and long coloumn for new molecule


Why only Copper standard is used to calibrate Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer?


4. Describe the operation of the Craig apparatus. Chapter.3 Equilibrium Processes in Separations


what is peak purity and its formula


how a particular wavelength can be different for a particular compund while analysing by uv and by HPLC.