Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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Describe your experience with analytical instrumentation?

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Do you know what Trace metal clean technique is?describe that technique?

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Describe your experience with quality assurance and quality control analyses?

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Describe your field experience sample type collected,sample techniques,field measurements taken and equipment used?

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Do you have experience with organic extractions or tissue digestions?

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How to Perform a Recrystallization ?

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How is the Flame test performed?


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What is Fourier Transform Spectrosopy?

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what is analytical chemistry all about?

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How will you separate Colorless compound Using Column Chromatography?

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Can anybody tell me how to measure Redox potential in an aerobic matrix, for e.g., soil etc.?

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what is the difference between Tailing Factor & Asymmetry

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How will you convert a 6 Normal solution to 8 Normal solution?

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why do u get different drug release while doing calibration of dissolution test appratus 1& 2(paddle & basket)?

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what is the defination of accuracy & presicion?

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Why use only methanol,used determinationof moisture content not use other solvents


how to calculate corelation coefficient in G.C Calibration? what is the calculation part?


What is the principle of Thermal conductivity detector and FID?


Why sodium hydroxide used for maintain pH of phosphate buffer


How to know the estimated LOQ concentration in ppm


why sre you used Potassium hydrogen phthalate in standarisation of 1N NaOH and 0.1 N Perchloric Acid?


UV and PDA detector, which have less signal to noise ratio?


Explain the relations between number of carbon atoms in alkanes and retention time ?


how to calibrate hplc & gc


What is column in chromatography?


If we do accuracy at same concentration at which linearity planned,what is the need to do linearity separately?


Many times I don't got a caffeine peak in calibration of hplc using guard column ❓


What is aggregate and fragments in SEC?


Difference between the quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis?


In GC calibration,what is the procedure to calibrate the TCD (thermal counductivity detector)suggest ?