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Graviti Pharmaceuticals Interview Questions
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all types of questions asked at the cipla interview


what is difference between UV - VISIBLE MODEL NO like 1600,1601,1700 etc ? plz explain me


why 1.2%kcl solution is using in limit os straylight?and why this test used for uv calibration?

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why 0.02% solution toluene &noHexane using in uv calibration?

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what is the peak purity concept?

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why phepolphthalene giving pink color when we titrate against to NaOH Solution ,giving colrless titrating aginsiting with acids?

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why is salt andv ice used in liquifyiny SO2

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What is pooled sample in Dissolution

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cefoperozone and sulbactam inj. hplc test method


how peak can be sharp in hplc when it is come flat

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what is Fourier Transform

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What is descriminatory disolution medium ?

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what is the difference between the Purity and Potency of drug substance

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what is titrent,& titrate

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What is the difference between spectro meter and spectro photo meter?

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Graviti Pharmaceuticals Interview Questions
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