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what is the difference between system precision and method

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what is the difference between system precision and method precision?..

Answer / pratima bhandarkar

The system precission is checked by using standard chemical
substance to ensure that the analytical system is working
properly.In this retention time and area of six
determinations is measured and % RSD should be calculated.

In method precission, a homogenous sample of single batch
should be analysed 6 times. This indicates whether a method
is giving consistent results for a single batch.In this
analyse the samplesix times and calculate known, unknown
and total impurities in the sample calculate the %RSD.

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what is the difference between system precision and method precision?..

Answer / ilayaraja

#1 System precision (System evaluation)

When you inject single preparation of standard in ten
times/or any number of replicates to the system and the
final result i.e %RSD meets acceptance criteria it shows
that, from injection , elution to detection of your
instrument functioning correctly.

Simply the system precision is evaluation of system.

#2 Method Precision (Method evaluation)

When you inject six preparation of same batch sample in
to your evaluated system,obtained six results should
precise.Then the method used for quantification is correct.

Simply the method precision is one of the testing parameter
to check the method used for the test is reproduble of
results or not.

Don't mitake if the answer is not up to the mark.

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what is the difference between system precision and method precision?..

Answer / brahmaiah

system precision

In this the standarad solution of known concentration is
injected in to the system at the same conditions(optimized
method) of the method.It should be cheked six times&then
find the retention time peak area are(%Rsd)are with in the

In method precision single batch of sample solution of known
concentration should be with in the linearity range &it is
injected to the system six times then find out the retention
time &peak area(%rsd)with in the limits.The optimizes
conditions should same both system and method precision

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