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Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is dwell volume in HPLC?

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what does pH stand for?


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Definition of beers_ lamberts law

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Why monograph of hplc coming upperside of drift but in IR monograph coming in drift side?

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Why a1% value is used for some product ? What is the criteria for selection a1% value ?

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Why the ph limit (1_14) Is used?


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What is cut off value of solvent used in hplc


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How to calculate mass balance in RS after degradation

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if out of two set of results of moisture analysis first 1 is passing, second one is failing, is it oos ? or vice a versa first 1 is failing and second one is passing. for information mean value to be reported and in mean value the substance is ppassing, is it oos or normaal mean value to be considered?


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Can we interpret accuracy from linearity in method validation?

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What is aggregate and fragments in SEC?


how pyridine can be analysed other than GC?

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What is the calibration of uv process and preparation



How to prepare 1000ppm methylene blue solution

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Identify problem faced when mass spectroscopy is used with HPLC system ?

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what is the acceptance criteria for enteric coated tablets in 0.1n hcl validation in each parameter?


How do we get end points and how many end points are possible for citric acid and di-acid not theorotically answer should be given practically.


How can the GC or HPLC method is selected to determine the impurity profile in drug product?


Hi sir if any product monograph not given known impurities (may be 5 impurities) specifications then how we require to proceed for inhouse formulation?


Principle of single pan analytical balance


Identify problem faced when mass spectroscopy is used with HPLC system ?


For limit test of heavy metals in BP, Method C require that the substance is ignited at a temperature not exceeding 800 °C. Why confines such the temperature?


What is dose dumping? why require to do?


How doing qbd practically?


How would you decide dissolution medium for NCE compound of class I drug


Which are the diffrent grades of api in pharma?


What is the calibration of uv process and preparation


in which situation ion pair agent require to use?


before starting analytical method valodation what you checking? and how giving preference to start validation?


why glutent are detected in the rice cereal baby food product even manufacturer claimed that they are using rice and milk only?we have using ELISA to do the test,and rice supposed not containing any glutent,rite?We already repeat the test so many times and it still detected.just wondering where the glutent came from?