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What do you mean by BPO?

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Life in Delhi

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What is your favorite color? (HR asks to check thought flow & spontaneity)

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I was asked what do I prefer, inbound or outbound? What is better, to choose between the two or to say, any of which? Why?


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What are the require qualification to join a call centre?


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what is the difference between technical support and customer care in call center

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what do you mean by mean by call centre and the what is the differene between call centr and bpo


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what is advantages and disadvantages of call centre

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Complete the story ? "Last night i was passing through a graveyard ..... or "Last night i was passing through a street .... complete the story.......


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tell me the most memorable day of ur life and why is it so?

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Tell me something about ur school days?

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Define this room?

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Who is your role model ?

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Tell me about ur school days?

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1> What is water mark & why it will be used? 2> how do you make / done duplex setting in printer or while printing ? 3> total in how many ways from n/w system, user can send the data ? 4> in n/w how user can access the data from another system ? 5> what is virtual memory, page file, hyper trending? 6> mail account configure & difference ? [express, outlook, IMAP, notes] 7> n/w command & layer ? Q asked at HP, Bangalore, for non voice tech support.


How would you teach an old customer to browse a file on her desktop or PC, let us consider the person who isn't that good at computers?


Whatb is Bpo? What is Call centre? What is Telemarketing?


Tell me something about social media


which thing is most necessary for international cal center? how can i improve my voice and accent ?


have u shared any lighter moment with customercare executive in ur life tell me ur experience


What was your Service Level Agreement ( SLA) Ratio :-


please let me know about the versant round...


hello I"m ritu and i want a job in call centre I"m confused and nervous what happened in my first interview. whats the condition for this job.


What is the difference between inbound and outbound?


what the daily rutien of sunday


you have a stability issue hr people told me ?than what should I tell them?


How to sell a pen in Hindi


please send me international call centres question and ans. on my mail id( Thanks


Speak about "The impact of coffee in our daily life"