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what is advantages and disadvantages of call centre

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what is advantages and disadvantages of call centre..

Answer / pranathi swamy

umm.. To start with, money making and improving
communication skills are the real advantages ;

slow addiction of useless WESTERN tradition and EXCESS
INDIVIDUALITY are the correct disadvantages

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what is advantages and disadvantages of call centre..

Answer / shahriyar hussain

advantages of call center firstly the future will be bright
and we can build our careers in different fields like
marketing,finance,banking,etc.disadvantage is that we have
to sacrifice our health by working in shifts but if we want
to achieve something we have to sarifice somethig.

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what is advantages and disadvantages of call centre..

Answer / qashif u rehman! the advantage is that you
get handsome salary and indeed you enjoy a lot in call
centers, but side by side it is very tough to work because
it is fully pressurized environment moreover call center is
just a bussiness trend and if this may cahnge at any time.

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