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Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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Tell me how did you spend your last weekend.


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Tell me about your mother’s /father’s daily routine.

Call Centre, Concentric Solutions, Concentrix, conventrix, Greet Technologies, HCL, Mphasis, Wipro, WNS,

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Why do you want join B.P.O’s.

HCL, Lycatel,

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Where do you want to see yourself after five years?

Genpact, HCL, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Sunny Developers, Tech Mahindra, Wipro,

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How a friend is means to you.


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Speak on Topic "Money can't buy happiness "


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Speak on Topic Education's Importance in our life.


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What is the Importance of co-education in Our society.


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what is communication

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HOW CAN U SAY TIME IS MONEY. DO U CONSIDER YOURSELF AS A SUCCESSFUL PERSON? AND WHY? what are your contributions in order to meet the goals of our company?

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why u select bpo

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why do you want to take up a job after a long break of so many years?


What is more important to you: the money or the work?

IBM, Resurgent Technologies,

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1.Why do you want to work in Knoah Solutions? 2.Why Knoah? 3.Are you over qualified for this position? 4.And other interview questions in this company.


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What are your KPI’S / KRA's ?


What are advatages and disadvatages of BPO job?


I mean if we both are strange for each other & i want to make friendship within 10 min. then what is the all process of that like "hell i m neeraj if u dont mind may i take ur 10min. then 2ns person says that why not sure" so plz guide like it ?


i m under graduation student in B.A Stream. what is career in Genpact..


abdul, you have technical background but why do you want to come in BPO & for non- technical process?


Determine the type of bpo you wish to work? : bpo


why dell only ?,


Are you willing to work for long hours, if the project demands that from you?


How do you tackle a customer ? Explain from your experience and what have learnt from that ?


In my recent interview i was asked what did u do all these years and why are u looking for a job now.(plz help me out to ans dis question as i am a fresher and i finished my masters in 2007 but i was interested in working but my interest was to do business in fd.


what tune did elvis preasly arrive on sage to in las vagas


how do you sell a stapler?


What are the disadvantage and advantage of working in a call center?


How would you sell a used toothbrush? A broken pen? A bitten apple?


1. If You join the company then what is the first thing you want to do , which you were not able to do in ur previous company? 2. Being a MCA graduate why you are looking for a call center job? 3. You don’t have any experience in call center field? why should i hire u? 4. q: why did u join in call center: ans: Now a days call center are glittering high in the market.They offering nice package and career.obviously one day you will be in a good offers a lot of scope in developing your position 5. Tell something about BPO 6. Which colour do u like? 7. Why did you want to join the call center? 8. what is the difference of domestic and international call centre? 9. why do you want to join a call centre being a computer science graduate? 10. Tell me about your favorite colour? 11. What would u do, if u become a prime minister of ur country for six months 12. As am a fresher i don’t know how to attend a interview ,give me some tips? 13. Can u stay awake in the night? 14. Do u know how to speak English with American accent? 15. Do u have the patience to listen to others’ problems?