Tell me something about ur school days?

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / sameer sharma

My school days were very good.I had enjoyed a lot each and
every moment of my school days.
I was very naughty that time.I was an average student so i
had to pay my maximum time to study and not worried about
anything like future,career etc.
I think that was the golden period of my life.I can never
forget that days.

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / guest

its very fun and i had enjoy all the moment of my school
days and things happened during the examinations time and i
should work hard to get more marks on the subjects and
friends in school days were really enjoyed the teen life and
not to worried about anything and i thing its one of the
important factor in my life ....

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / satbir rawat

i done my schooling from S.P.S i can't forget my school days
becoz it's vry memorable days of life u say that it's part
of my life i got basic education frm my school and my
teachers are vry much stick for studies and i m average
student and i used to play cricket with my frnds and after
school bell i used to play poll and i never forget my
canteen where i enjoyed drinks and food with my frnds. it's
a golden period of my lfe and school days never come back.

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / deepesh sharma

My school life was as same as like other students. I always used to do chatterbox with my friends even in the class and because of that I got punished. I was very naughty in nature and an average student. Sometimes I got appreciated by the teacher and sometimes not, but I was happy all the time as I was having many friends like me. It would be harder to say that which moment is still close to my heart, but I would definitely love to say that I shall always be laughing and smiling by remembering those golden moments and days.

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / adilsha

My School days are memorable in my life, regarding my
education its a foundation to me, and i remember each and
every friend as well teacher's who looks very strict, no
late comings, and attend classes regularly, after bell rings
pupil need to make a line and stand for the prayer..i
remember the things happens with in the school
circumstances, it was a worst moment we lost our Teacher
when we are in IXth Std, he is very good! again after some
days another class teacher appointed he is very strict, i
joined his Tution, I am poor in MATHS subject. but when we
came to Xth Std we enjoyed a lot chatting with friends, some
what feel like we are senior's in school even junior's
watches us when we play cricket. enjoyed my life in school
No "tension" Bindas rehenka.....

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / neha

School life is an golden era.For me the memories of school life are unforgettable.I use to cherish all the moments of my life .Although I was not much concerned about my career that time but still I knew that I need to work hard in my acadamics.I use to participate in many co curricular activities like singing ,dancing,debates,something out of waste,sketching and so I quite popular in my school. And finally in last year of my school I was made the head girl of my school which is the most memorable moment of my life.Not only me I think school days are memorable for everyone.

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / raj

my school days was really so good i enjoyed alot i did lots
off naughty activities. i was an avereage student thatswhy
i never got above 55% marks but not to worry and thats was
my golden days and i remember those days alot.....

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / mousam

I completed my schooling from S.A.H.S.School day were so funny to me.I enjoyed my school life with a lot f fun.During school life I was too naughty.I can remember all my teachers.They were not only our teachers they were our best friend and guide also.We learned many things from school.There were lot of fun in chemistry lab,physics lab and all.As a student I think school life is the golden time in our life.But sorry to say that I cannot get it back

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / anitha

My school days are memorable in my life. I studied in self
primary high school form L kg to xth standard. I remembered
all each and every friends and teachers. once bell rings
pupil make a line and stand for a prayer. I attending all
classes no late Cummings,and i use to be very naughty
always, .I had enjoyed a lot each and every moment of my
school days, one day my Kannada teacher was punished me
because my friend H/W book was with me unfortunately i
forget to return her book and she didn't done her H/W of
last day that's because i took punishment on hole period on
that day. That was my sad moment in my school days. But well
studying always use to get 1st class. when i came to 10th
std we enjoyed a lot chatting with friends, some what feel
like we are senior's in school even junior's watches us when
we play games etc ... and my happiest moment was it was
school trip journey for talakadu and other places when we
reach talakadu we need to go to shiva temple but they first
took to river we get into the river girls are left side and
all boys was right side in the river we girls shouting,
pushing, dancing O my god it was the very happiest moment in
my life

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Tell me something about ur school days?..

Answer / srikanth pachimala

my school life was really awesome most of the time i was like day dreamer and all the time wanted to play in the ground and eager to participate in all activities and specially my english teacher renu guruthan mam she was really very very strick and no matter what if she given home work u have to complete it and thats why i scored good marks in english being a below average student and i was a member of scout and guides.some silly sweet memories like eating lunch before recess , proper uniform maintenance ,10 books for six subjects and always waiting for games period. simple and cool

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