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  • iEnergizer interview questions (36)

iEnergizer Interview Questions
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What are your short-range and long-range goals and how do you expect to achieve them?

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Tell me abt ur self

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how to improve communication skill ?

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After completing your graduation u were not working for a year. What were u doing during that period?

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how u describe urself? tell us about urself?

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tell me something about yourself?

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Being a MCA graduate why you are looking for a call center job?

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introduce urself?

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Favourite Song that inspired u and explain? Favourite Advt in TV and explain? Is fitness important in day to day life?


Tell me a memmorable event in ur life.

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tell me the most memorable day of ur life and why is it so?

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If you'll be given a super power what it would be? and why?

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why should i join call center

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what is the maximum age limit of any bpo sector

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How would you describe your personality?


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iEnergizer Interview Questions
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