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Convergys Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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I have done B.Sc.(H)Zoology).I went for an interview in a call centre.Cleared seven rounds there.Only I was selected out of 50 people for HR round.In HR round the HR manager asked me "Why you want to join a call centre after doing B.Sc.?" I couldn't answer and lost the interview.

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I have to give interviews in various airlines for cabin Crew.So,plz tell me abt various ques. Which r expected by Them

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How does QTP identifies the object in the application

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why do you think that i have to recuit you?

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where do you see yourself from (Ten or fifteen)years from now?

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Why do you want to work for this organization?

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How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

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why bpo

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Convergys Placement Paper - 08 nov 2006

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Define MultiOrg Structure

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Is SOB is attached with Business grp ?

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How will U link GL with OU in Multi-org environment.

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diff between key and descriptive flexfield.

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What are the tables in GL?

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Un-Answered Questions

In c programming write a program that will print 10 multiples of 3 except 15,18,21 using looping


Dear Sir, I am Shariq Sami. I joined BHEL as a Supervisor Trainee in May 2009 on diploma basis, right now i am an assistant Engineer and posted at Noida. I have completed my bachelor of engineering from Jamia Millia Islami, New Delhi.I am Planning to appear for "BHEL ET" exam this year. I want to know,is there any previous year question papers will be available like we have for GATE exams or you feel it is no need? Can you please guide me? Kind Ragards M.S Sami, Contact No. 9891090742, 9250250988, 0120-2545796


list the advantages of RCCB over other circuit breakers?


what are certificate of deposits?


What is middle ware testing?? what are the companies using this tech?


Hi, I'm planning to write COG-132 exam so looking out for dumps. If anybody is having then please e-mail me at your help would be appreciated. -Regards Afrin


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Tell me the jobs for the MCA Fresher in delhi, Noida..


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hi guys, pls tell me for testing institution training hub, hitech city is best or not?


What r all the risks u r facing while doing a project?


Any idea of BSNL, JTO paper?


what is the weight of 12mm aggregates?


Assigning natural account to accounting seg. What will happen


Hi.. Can i get hel in finding HPCL previous year question paper? plz help me in finding thiss..


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