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HP QTP Interview Questions
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What is the entry criteria and exit criteria for your test automation

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In a webtable,a list of values are there,rightnow one values shows,later random another values shows,but how to retrieve the random value in webtable.

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how to know no.of mails in our g mail by using vb-script


how to get no.of non empty rows in a excel sheet through vb-script

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1.In VB Script 100 lines Script. How can check the Syntax errors? 2. Write a VB Script for X = India/Srilanka/Australia/England/South Africa.I need the Output Country wise? [ 1st Msgbox India , 2nd Msgbox Srilanka] ---- 3. How can Choose these test cases to be automated?

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how can I read text in browser and export the same into text file?

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1.Write a CRITICAL test cases for calculator ? 2.What is the difference b/w FRS and SRS documents ? 3.What is Component ? 4.What is object ? 5.what is the difference b/w static and dynamic descriptive programming ?


If there is a change in the object type eg: A button is changed as link, 1. How to edit that in the shared object repository. 2.What options are available to edit the object within shared object repository other than copy from loca; 3.What would be the effect of the change in Coded Scripts within QTP and Functions stored in .vbs file which are loaded and used in QTP


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HP QTP Interview Questions

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