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HP Informatica Interview Questions
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can u any challenge your project?


without dynamic lookup how to insert new rows and update existing rows?

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how to run workflow in unix?

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how i will stop my workflow after 10 errors

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why we r using presql&postsql in source qualifier?

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how i will stop my workflow after 10 errors

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I have source like this 1:2;3. so i want to load the target as 123

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i have source as Column1 101 a 101 b 101 c so i want to load target as column1 ---> 101 abc

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what is the size of ur database(like oracle)

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what is the size of u r project? and what is the size of source file?

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what is the size of u r source(like file or table)?


write sql query to filter the null value data following table? name age john 30 smith null null 34 sharp 24 i want the output following are name age john 30 sharp 24

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i want to convert below src into target src is as follows maths 30 science 20 social 81 i want data in trg like below maths science social 30 20 81

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How u use pdf file in informatica source?

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write sql query following table amount year quarter 1000 2003 first 2000 2003 second 3000 2003 third 4000 2003 fourth 5000 2004 first 6000 2004 second 7000 2004 third 8000 2004 fourth i want the output year q1_amount q2_amount q3_amount q4_amount 2003 1000 2000 3000 4000 2004 5000 6000 7000 8000

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HP Informatica Interview Questions

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