what is washout period?

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what is washout period?..

Answer / guest

A period in a clinical study during which subjects receive
no treatment for the indication under study and the
effects of a previous treatment are eliminated (or assumed
to be eliminated).

A period of time to allow one agent to clear the body before
another agent can be safely introduced. Washout periods vary
depending on the agents involved.

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what is washout period?..

Answer / solasa.m.a

Washoutperiod is the defined as rest period b/w two
treatment periods for which the effect of one treatment
administered at one dosing period does not carry over to the
More clearly,
Normally in clinical trials drug is given at certain intervals .

For example in a study the volunteer took dose 50mg of drug
,if the drug has half life of 2.5 hrs...,(that means it
takes 2.5 hrs of time for the drug concentration come to
25mg half of its concentration)

First period Initial drug dose given is 50mg,
Finally the minimum amountaccepatable, so that another 50 mg
of drug dose can be given is 0.00125mg.

It will take at least 38.219 hrs for that drug to be in the
least concentration (ie.0.00125 or 99.9% of drug dose 1 to
be eliminated).
50mg,25mg,12.5mg,6.5mg and
0..00125mg is the least concentration ie 99.9% of drug
eliminated and does not have carryover effect and now
another drug of 50 mg can be given so that the effect of
first dose of drug cannot be seen on second dose of drug.

This period where the drug is reduced to least
concentration is called the washout period.

So that it does not have carry over effect when again
another 50mg drug is given.

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what is washout period?..

Answer / sravan

period between two doses

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