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what is the difference between implicit and explicit trigger

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what is the difference between implicit and explicit trigger..

Answer / slokh

when we fire any DML operation a memory is alocated. this
memory area is called context area or cursor. data is
retieved and stored in this area

implicit cursors are automatically created by the Oracle.
when you perform any DML operation a memory has been
automatically created, and when the operation is finished
it automatically release the memory space, here every thing
is controlled by the oracle itself.

explicit cursors are the cursors, where the user defined
for which select statement the cursor is being created,
when to fetch the data, and release the memory space. on
other words the control is over the programmer.

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what is the difference between implicit and explicit trigger..

Answer / gaurav gupta

However,queries that return more than one row you must
declare an explicit cursor or use a cursor FOR loop.
Explicit cursor is a cursor in which the cursor name is
explicitly assigned to a SELECT statement via the
CURSOR...IS statement.

An implicit cursor is used for all SQL statements Declare,
Open, Fetch, Close. An explicit cursors are used to process
multirow SELECT statements An implicit cursor is used to
process INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and single row SELECT. .INTO

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