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L&T Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is work of choke in tube light?

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what is difference b/t ac current and dc current

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Explain Circuit Breaker Trip Characteristics in detail.


what is the difference b/w UHVDC and HVDC(LIGHT)?

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Dear Friends, Need your help for connecting APFC panel, Quotation : I have 2 No’s 1000 KVA Transformers, both transformers are having separate APFC panels, ( Tr-1,400KVAR, TR-2,450 KVAR) Now I want to stop One transformer, present load is 650Amps, Max, So One transformer is enough, I have switched OFF TR-1, but PF is not maintaining properly, its 0.5, So now I want to connect TR-2 APFC also in TR-1 Loads, Can any one answer for my Quotation with drawing, how to connect TR-2 APFC panel in TR-1 Loads,

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What is power factor?

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Why transformer is rated in kva?

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Utility company give the supply to customer in KVA but bill them for Watt.why?

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What is the differance between transformer neutral solidly earthed and transformer neutral earthed through resistor?

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Why we are using LA Rating 10kA in 66 kv substation

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why we need the starters for motors

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For 7.5kw star delta starter how to calculate 1. Mccb rating 2. Contactor rating 3. Over load relay rating

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IN Electric train which type of motor is used,for what reason they uses?

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what is the IEC standard for Power Cable installation in onshore (like in direct buried ground or above groung)


how to find out basic difference between ELCB,MCB AND RCCB on seeing the materials?

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L&T Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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