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Why transformer is rated in kva?

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Why transformer is rated in kva?..

Answer / himadri bag

Rated transformer output is limited by heating and losses. There are two types of losses core loss and ohomic loss. Core loss depend on voltage(V) and ohomic loss depend on current(I)
and almost unaffected by the load power factor(pf). That is why rated output expressed in VA or kVA(V*I) not in KW(V*I*pf).

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Why transformer is rated in kva?..

Answer / himadri bag

rated output depends only current and voltage not in the power factor. so the transformer is rated in VA or kVA(V*I) not in kW(V*I*pf)

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Why transformer is rated in kva?..

Answer / surya pratap singh

because the losses of transformer is no depend on the power
factor and its power factor is depend on self so the rating
of transformer is kva.

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Why transformer is rated in kva?..

Answer / lokesh kumar raman

the transformer devloped two type of losses first eddy current loss it depand of current and second is hystrisis loss it depand of voltage .so we are taking rating of transformer in kva.

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