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L&T Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is static frequency converter?what is the function...of sfc...?


1)how to reduce the value of tan delta of trasformer and CB,bushing,CT&PT,CVT ? 2)how to reduce the resistance of CB contact and its operating time? 3)plz.....send me the project report on conditioning and monitoring of substation equipment on my email id (


What are the weight of 800KV DA,DB and DC type tower ?


why Copper loss is represented as I square R ?

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For an 100kw generator, only 50kw of load is connected. Will the generator generate only 50kw or 100kw. If it generate 100kw what happens to rest of the 50kw. What happens if we connect more than 100kw of load?

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funtion of choke

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what is timing for mccb 800A tripping?

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why is that a 4*4mm cable,is always powdered internally

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what is interference

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why in generating station generation voltage is 11 kv

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What is the purpose of reactor in over head transmission line.Can you any explain it.

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What Happen When output Short of transformer

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what is vA rating and class of a ct.


how we can calculate LT side current of transformer

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what is the control circuit for operating the clean room air shower


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L&T Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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