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L&T Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how many 1st class bricks in 1cu feet?

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how to caculate cutting lenght in bar bending schedule for 180 degree bend

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how to calculate cutting length in bar bending schedule for 180 degree bend? for 90 degree bend we take 2d i.e we -2d for 180 degree ho much ? question asked at l&t

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how to calculate the runner (2*3) qty in cft. the length is 8 feet.

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mean of NH4 pipe


Mean of m25 concrete

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different type of beam

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What is the difference between auto & dumpy level

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structural engineering based

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how to calculate the quantity of steel in a slab , beam and coloumn

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how to find out the quantity of cement sand and aggregate in slab and flooring

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what is right time of slab DE shattering and beam boo tam.

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The horizontal distance between parallel main reinforcements in RC slab shall not be more than

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what is diffence in grade 43 & 53 of cement?

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What is the difference between pressure pipe and non pressure (NP) pipe?

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L&T Civil Engineering Interview Questions

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