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L&T Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is full form of ELECTRICAL?

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why phase always came one direction in 5pin socket(right hand or left hand) which direction and why..........?

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what is the function of short circuit maintenance ct and droop ct.

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63MVA,220KV/6.9KV Transformer LV side neutral is connected to Earth pit through NGR. Whether this earth pit required to connect with near by below grouding earth mat or it is to be kept separate?


difference between circuit breaker and switchgear?

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what is the formula of starting current of 3phase and 1 phase motor???


why the protection turbo generators is most complex?


A 100 kVA , 400 v/250 kv testing transformer has 8% leakage reactance and resistance on 100 KVA base . A cable has to be tested at 500 kv using the above transformer as a resonant transformer at 50 hz . if the charging current of the cable at 500 kv is 0.4 A find the series inductance required . Assume 2% resistance for the inductor to be used and the connecting leads . Neglect dielectric loss of hte cable . what will be the input voltage to the transformer ?


how to calculate busbar capacity for 1000Kva transformer having22/.433V

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is it possible to turn on the single phase star delta on delay timer using 24 v dc ?


how many synchronous motor are there in any power plant


What is method of calculating the fault current for a MDB, 50KW, 3PH, 415V, 50HZ?


At what voltage domestic tubelight works?

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What are the test involved in DG auto synchronizing panel before in manufacturing place before dispatch.

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What is the clear distance between a MV panel(rear side) and wall.

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L&T Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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hai now i am working as a electrical design engineer in construction field can i get a job in oil and gass field or power plant project as a electrical design engineer?