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L&T Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why PT transformer primary r the grounded?

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why r use the wave taper in the substation ?

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Why r use in the tap changing x' mer.

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Why we use stones in switchyard?

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Why indian power system in 11kv,22kv,33kv,66kv,110kv,220kv ? 2) Why ups required dedicated earth?

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what do you mean by earth fault in transformer?

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why the Different manufacture's rating of Gas genset are different? i.e : cummins genset rating is in KVA .( 625kv). While GE- Jenbacher make genset have rating in Kw. (625 kw)

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if neutral earthing is weak of a system then how can we improve it ? Technically explanation ??

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sir, i want to know the calculation for find rated current for cable sizes.(both copper & aluminium) with examole. please sir for example: al.cable is withstands for how many amps? is suitable for 45kw motor?

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What is the problem, if a circuit breaker is not closing.

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1.what is surge 2.what is lightning 3.what is switching 4.difference between surge,lightning,switching used in power system 4.definition of surgearrestor,lightningarrestor 5.adv and disadv of surgearrestor,lightningarrestor 6.uses and purpose of surgearrestorand lightning arrestor 7.block dia of surge arrestor 8.blockdiagram of lightning arrestor 9.operation and working of surge arrestor and lightning arrestor 10.basic formula of surgearrestor and lightning arrestor 11.basic diagram of surge arrestor and lightning arrestor

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in an electronic tri vector meter when the current and voltage sequence changes ? what is the effect of phase sequence on recording of meter


what is the difference between 3 phase 3wire &3phase 4 wire meter?what is the advantage of 3p3w over 3p4w?

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Why should we use Star-Delta connection in step down power transformers?

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L&T Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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