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L&T Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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define electrical field?

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Use of electrical theorems (thevenin's,norton's,millmen's,superposition,reciprocity, Maximum Power Transfer theorem,Compensation Theorem) IN REAL LIFE???(IF YOU KNOW EXACT OR CORRECT ANSWER).

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how to calculate restraing current and operating current for differential protection if 20 mva transformer is OLTC 33 kv/11 kv ? and what should be the type and ratio of CT?

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Sir, why generating power plant operating at above 0.9 lag? detail explaination?

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difference between the earthing,grounding and neutral

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why the capacitor bank unit is kvar

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we touch other end of the tester supply, why do not get shock?

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1. When do you use a VFD motor? 2. If the ceiling fan is on slow speed, does it consume less electricity? 3. If we want the fan to consume less electricity at low speed, what do we have to do? 4. What does “battery of 180 AMP HOUR” mean to you? 5. What does “battery of 180 AMP HOUR” mean to you? 6. If you don’t have coal, salt and copper, then how would you earth your connection temporarily at a camp site.?

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What is meant by rating error prevention in breaker??

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what is phase voltage and phase current what is line current and line phase

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difference between earthing and grounding?

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what is looping circuit in electrical lighting circuits?

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different between grounding & earthing?

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why PT Primary are the grounded?

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what are the major difference between 3phase 3wire and 3phase 4wire trivector meter?

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L&T Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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