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what is working of no & nc.

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what is working of no & nc...

Answer / shalini.b

NO means normally open - during off condition or any other
abnormal fault condition the contact will open therby
forming a open circuit providing no path for the flow of
NC means Normally close- during normal operations the
contact will be closed forming the closed circuit

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what is working of no & nc...

Answer / karthik.$

"NO" means normally open that means, the corresponding coil
is not energized it will be in the open condition. it will
closed only the condition satisfied."NC" means normally
closed condition if the corresponding coil is energized it
will open ... The NO & NC element and contact are normally
used in control circuit and the PLC LADDER LOGIC....

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what is working of no & nc...

Answer / mahder

No is normally open contact, that means at normal condition
it's open and the after getting energy or after being
energized it will change to closed or it will close it's
normally open contacts.
Nc is normally close contact, Nc have the reverse function
of No, at normal condition it contacts are closed and when
it gets energy(power) it will open it's contacts.

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what is working of no & nc...

Answer / vinod

relays/ pressure switch/temprature swicth etc. have NO & NC
NO (Normally Open) means the contact of the relay will be
open during the relay coil de energised condition and
contact close when relay coil energised condtion.But in
thermal switch NO means swich conacts open during the set
temprature and close when the temprature exced the set
NC (Normally Close)means the contact of the relay will be
close during the relay coil de energised condition and
contact open when relay coil energised condtion.But in
thermal switch NC means swich conacts close during the set
temprature and open when the temprature exced the set value.
NO & NC can be used in control/power circuit depends on

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what is working of no & nc...

Answer / md. zakir hosen

In the case of Relay:
NO means Normally Open.
NC means Normally Closed.

also In the case of IC (Integrated Circuit ):
NC means No Connection

thanking u

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what is working of no & nc...

Answer / sunil kanusu

no means normal open i.e initially its contacts were
open.And nc means normal close i.e initially its contacts
were closed.In control applications these very useful.if we
press 'no' its contacts closed otherwise contacts were
open.similarly if we press 'nc' its contacts open otherwise
contacts were closed.

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what is working of no & nc...

Answer / p.satheesh

No means No
Nc Means NC

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what is working of no & nc...

Answer / venkatesh sk

no means nomal open function nc meanis normal open it is
used in control cricut

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