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Please describe HT and LT?

Please describe HT and LT?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

LT means voltage up to 250 V (medium 650V) HT -up to 33000V
as per IE Rules 1956

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what are the ratings of sockets?

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Will transformer heating be approximately the same for resistive, inductive or capacitive loads of the same VA rating? Explain.

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Suppose i Have an Ac motor of 25Hp 1500 Rpm 50 Hz Can i run a motor 2500 Rpm by AC drives by increasing a frequency either it safe or not ....

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How short circuit MVA(Fault MVA) in a power system calculated for calculating number of earth plates ?

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How to calculate & connection of 900KVA generator 2 sets & load(1500A)? How to choose cable size and ACB size for this load & generator? please explain me detail. Regards, Mr.Han

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What is the minimum setting in REF relay because i am facing some problem whenever power resumes after power failure my transformer is tripping because of REF trip. I am using CSPC make numerical relay(DIP switches). Now setting is 15 percentage. What is the reason for this triping. I sm waiting for answer

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What is the estimated total hydropower potential of india?

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