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Question { 6320 }

We facing one similar problem in our computers i.e we are
newly constructed our design department after that shifted
our computers but our computer desktop screen is vibrating.
we are conducted our electrical maintainance person he told
that is UPS problem, then we changed the UPS also again we
are facing that problem in that room only. then we put lcd
monitors that problem is solved. But in other monitors why
the computer desktop screen is vibrating please give a
suggestion to me.




Yes definitely its Magnetic effect. I think u have any
multimedia speaker around the monitor or any other active
magnetic field is present there.
Its solution is, Never put any Speaker or any Magnetic field
beside monitor.If any body face this problem at first try to
do this.I think u will get the solution.
N.B: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)is fully free from this
magnetic effect.

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Question { 4389 }

can we use 7volt DC BATTERY to run a 60watt motor by
stepup? Give reason for your answer?


In this question it is not mentioned that what is the AH
(ampere hour)rating of battery. If we assume that battery is
20AH and 60w motor is running on ac 220v. So motor need
0.273amp.if we invert 7v dc into 220v ac then this motor
definitely run.

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Question { 12485 }

Can anyone tell me what will happen if AC & DC supply get


We know that ac current also contain dc part or parameter.
but in practical case when any dc supply mixed with an ac
supply then a abnormal situation will occur and system will
be unstable.but small quantity of dc may carry or used with
ac system.

thanking u

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Question { PSEB, 2899 }

in a large three phase induction motors usually the value
of full load slip is


We know the formula of slip
No load speed-Full load speed
Full load speed

we can easily calculate the slip by this formula.

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Question { 22019 }

why rating of motor in HP?


I just want to say shortly,
KW or MW or W is used for meaning of Electrical Power.
and HP is used to meaning of Mechanical Power sometime it
also known as BHP (Break Horse Power)which is found on the

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Question { IBM, 5151 }

what is the electron


Electron is the -ve charged particle of an Atom which also
contain Proton and Neutron.The Rate of the flow of Electron
is called Electricity.

thanking u

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Question { 3597 }

what is form factor


Form Factor is the ratio of R.M.S by Average Value of
current or voltage.
we know,
R.M.S value=0.707
and Avg Value=0636
RMS 0.707
Avg 0.636

thanking u

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Question { 8379 }

what is the working of ups.


UPS means Uninterruptable Power Supply. Its function is to
convert AC power into DC and store in a Battery when AC
supply is interrupted (no electricity, under voltage or over
voltage) then UPS act as a power supply by Inverting DC to
AC from the charged Battery.

thanking u

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Question { 29876 }

what is working of no & nc.


In the case of Relay:
NO means Normally Open.
NC means Normally Closed.

also In the case of IC (Integrated Circuit ):
NC means No Connection

thanking u

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Question { 5474 }

what is the working of vfd drives.


VFD means Variable Frequency Drives.A variable-frequency
drive (VFD) is a system for controlling the rotational speed
of an alternating current (AC) electric motor by controlling
the frequency of the electrical power supplied to the motor.

thanking u

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Question { 3347 }

what is the length of air terminal in lightening arrester


We know that some of the lightning arrester is long and some
are short but some times capacity is same or more then long
one. its depends on the capacity and internal arrangement of
the LA.

thanking u

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Question { 8864 }

importance of air gap in transformer


We know that,The air gap controls the amount of magnetic
field produced for a given current. In the equation
∫H┬ĚdL = n i , H is quite small in the iron because of its
high permeability. Nearly all of the integral accumulates in
the air gap even though the gap is very small compared to
the part of the closed path length in the iron. It reduces
the tendency of the iron to saturate to avoid harmonics in
the current.

thanking u

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Question { 15225 }

if two bulb of 50w &30w apply in series having 230v the
which bulb glow bright ,why


We know that, P=VI
its very simple to calculate and see that the current is
flowing throw the circuit is suitable for the LOW power
equipments as a result 30W bulb will be the brighter.

thanking u

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Question { Shreem Electric Ltd, 19934 }

What is mean by power factor?


The Cosine value of the angular difference between Voltage
and Current is known as power factor (PF) also the ratio of
active power and reactive power is known as PF.

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Question { 17275 }

how to calculate the powerfactor in induction motor having
name plate details? for example 1 h.p motor 1.86 A 415 V


We know P=VICOSф.
Here, P=1H.P=746W,V=415v,I=1.85amp
Now putting this value on the equation simply we get the PF.
=>COSф=----------=0.9716 and it must be lagging.

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