What are the disadvantages of LT AVR over HT AVR?

What are the disadvantages of LT AVR over HT AVR?..

Answer / chintu

High ratings switches and higher size cables are required for LT operated Capacitors.

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what is the difference between Ith & Iu rating in MCCB. Particularly on SACE ABB Circuit Breaker?

2 Answers   Siemens,

what is the maximim current drawn by 1 phase and three phase welding machine

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What tests should i carry over on a newly rewinded DC Generator with voltage rating of 38 volts and current rating of 350 amps, to certify that the machine is OK?

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how the testing of protection CT Testing done through Primary injection kit please describe in detail procedure...

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Why indicate only 440V to 3-phase supply.

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i applied for the ap transco please forward the freqventley asked QA

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A ray hit a smooth regular surface at an angle of 20 from the normal. Calculate : 1. The angle btw the incident and reflection ray. 2. The angle of deviation.

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why put integration for capacitorand differation for inductance

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11. As per the theory current doesn’t flows in Neutral, but practically it is not applicable, explain why? 12. How to take the Vector Group Test in Transformer? What is the purpose of doing Vector Group Test? 13. Why the transmission lines are in 11kV, 22kV, 33kv, and why not 10kV, 20kV, 30kV? 14. Why do we generate 3 Phase AC Supply? It is possible to generate 4 Phase and 5 Phase explain it? 15. Explain why the Voltage drop will happen in 3 Phase line? 16. What is the equipment used to control the generator output? 17. What are the factors to be considered during the Synchronization? 18. What should be value of Circuit breaker operating time and tripping time? 19. Why the CT Secondary is rated as 5A generally? 20. At which time Synchronous generator act as a Synchronous Condenser?

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What is the use of core in the transformer?

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Minimum IR value of 1.1 kv grade 3.5c (300, 240,185,150,120,95,70,50,35,25) sqmm Aluminium XLPE cable and 4c (16, 10,6 & 4) sqmm cu arm cable between RY,YB,BR,RN,YN,BN,RE,YE,BE & NE.

0 Answers   Gasco,

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