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wts d diff b/w C.T. & P.T.?

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wts d diff b/w C.T. & P.T.?..

Answer / somanath sahoo

c.t is used to measure the current &p.t. is used to
measure the voltage

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wts d diff b/w C.T. & P.T.?..

Answer / reshi

C.T-current transformer used in each line to measure the
P.T-Installed between two lines used to measure potential

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wts d diff b/w C.T. & P.T.?..

Answer / amit upadhyay meerut

these are instrument transformer, in which c.t is current
tranformer who measure the current in each phase in a ratio
according to rating of c.t and we can called c.t such as
step up installed in series of line.
P.T is a potential t/f who measure the voltage b/w two line
in a ratio according to rating of p.t and we can called p.t
such as step down installed in accros of line

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wts d diff b/w C.T. & P.T.?..

Answer / amit sonmale

Defntly yaar,Current transfarmer use For Masuring curent
And It installed Around To the Leave Line .And potential
Transmer Use for masuring Voltage Of Line And It installed
Parrelel With Two Leave Lines.

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wts d diff b/w C.T. & P.T.?..

Answer / manoj

C.T is used for mearusng very high current,d C.T lower down d level of current which we can measure easily
P.T is used measurng very high voltage,d level of voltage is lower down by P.T thn voltage mearusng becom easily..

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wts d diff b/w C.T. & P.T.?..

Answer / sripellirajukumar

hi ,
this is rajkumar

u were said about r very silly points
here somewhat depth differences there as follows

current transformers

1.primary winding turns r very less .
2.CT means it is step up transformer.
3. the primari and secondary winding turns ratio is in the
form of 100:5.
4.this CT is used to measure currents in high voltage
alternating current ckts.
5.secondary winding of CT must be should never be
left open under any circumstances..other wise it CT
winding insulation will damage,and also that will effects
on the people who r doing the measurements.

potential transformers

1.primary winding turns r more as compared to secondary turns
2.PT means it is step up transformer.
3.the primary and secondary winding turns ratio is depends
on the range of lowrange voltmeter (which is used to
measure voltages in lab)
4.PTs r used to measure high alternating voltages. no need to specify about closing of PT because we
will be connecting low range voltmeter...


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wts d diff b/w C.T. & P.T.?..

Answer / kuldeep


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wts d diff b/w C.T. & P.T.?..

Answer / satya.elect

C.T means current transformer and it is a stepup transformer
P.T means potential transformer and it is a stepdown

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wts d diff b/w C.T. & P.T.?..

Answer / ranveer singh

CT is used for protection system and PT is used primilary

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