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Havells Interview Questions
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What would you want to achieve in your first year on the job?

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What are the types of special stocks available?

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If not into production, how far did you follow the design and why did not you see it into production?


What is your Expected CTC? Should I tell my expected salary or say as per company norms? Tell me proper answer for it?

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how much amp MCB is required for 1/2 kva power back up?

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what is the difference between upper impedance and lower impedance distance relay?

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What is ics,icu,icw of load breaker

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how to calculate the size of cable for 100 kva load,?can somebody tell me with a formula

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How can CALCULAT the current carrying capacity of aluminum and cOpper cables respective of that ? with formulas ?

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How to calculate the current carrying capacity of electrical cables

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advantage of cu cable over al cable

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Brief working principle of fluorcent tubelight,function of starter & choke.

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what is the difference between the microcontroller and PLC?

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Why we generate power at multiple of 11 i.e 11kv,33kv etc.

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Why we use stones in switchyard?

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