why we use dc motor instead of ac motor?

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why we use dc motor instead of ac motor?..

Answer / navnit bhimani

Because dc motor have high starting torque than ac motor

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why we use dc motor instead of ac motor?..

Answer / e venkat reddy

due to high starting torque and smooth speed control these
motors are preferred in many application but in present
scenario all dc motors are replacing by electrical drives
due to development of power electronics like IGBT etc. the
DC motor requires high maintenance compare to AC motors and
with IGBT driven ac motors we can get smooth speed and
torque control.

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why we use dc motor instead of ac motor?..

Answer / sunil guru






used in lifts,hoists,cranes,traction systems........

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why we use dc motor instead of ac motor?..

Answer / sudhir patil

Because of high starting torque at verioues speed.

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why we use dc motor instead of ac motor?..

Answer / john davidson

With the advancement of AC drive technology AC motors can
do just about anything a DC motor can do. They can develop
full torque at zero RPM, once the holy grail of DC,have a
wider speed range, and amost zero maintenance requirments.
And to top all that from an intial cost stand point AC
motor/drive combinations are much cheaper. As for
industrail application, in the vast majority AC is the
prefered mehtod.

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why we use dc motor instead of ac motor?..

Answer / priyadarshi pritam

Because it can be operated using rechargeable batteries, its easy availability and small size.

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why we use dc motor instead of ac motor?..

Answer / venki

along with poibilty of carrying small dc batteries

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